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What is Heartbeat?

Heartbeat is a self help group started by people in Ipswich and East Suffolk in October 1987 to provide support and information to those within the region who have heart problems. In the United Kingdom heart disease is the biggest single killer and the objectives of Heartbeat are: -


(a) To promote the welfare and care of cardiac patients.

(b) To promote and provide support and aftercare for cardiac patients, including their partners, families and carers when resuming home and social life.

(c) To establish and facilitate local contact, support and counselling to anyone with a cardiac complaint, including their partners, families and friends.

(d) To increase public awareness of heart disease, its causes, treatment, implications and help available.

e) To provide cardiac patients with social and personal contact with others who share and understand their needs and problems.

(f) To liaise with existing groups and enable the setting up of new support groups as required in this or similar fields.

(g) To act as an information centre for people requiring literature on heart disease.

To this end, Heartbeat publishes a quarterly Newsletter, holds monthly meetings and social and fund raising events. Membership is FREE so that anybody who needs help will not feel that they can not afford to join.

However under no circumstance can Heartbeat sponsor any individuals medical procedure, no matter how urgently required.

Further Information about HEARTBEAT can be obtained from:-

The Chairman at Michael Farthing

The Treasurer at Yvonne Chittock

Last Updated : 17/11/2017

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